Will a skunk under a shed or porch has a nest of babies?

If you frequently see skunks in your yard, there is a big chance that they have taken shelter inside your property. Skunks often find places such as sheds and porches as perfect places to have babies. In some cases, you may find them under your porches’ cavity.

If you see a very protective skunk especially in months of April and September, there is a big chance that it is a mother skunk living with her babies under your porch.

You have to be very careful when you approach South Carolina skunks. A mother may easily get scared and abandoned her young. If you see a brood of babies, the best thing that you should do is to leave them alone first, and contact a professional if you want them removed. If you see skunks during winter, they might find your property a cozy hideout where they can hide and sleep for the meantime. You also have the option to let the babies grow until they are independent enough to hunt for their own food.

Mother Charleston skunks will not only produce a smelly liquid when she feels threatened; she will also try to relocate her young when she feels unsafe inside your property. Skunks are known to be wanderers. Although they can stay at their dens for long periods of time, they will go somewhere else once it is warm enough to leave their original hiding place.

The mother skunk prefers a location which is undisturbed, dark, and dry. She must protect herself first from predators before extending her protection to her babies. You have the option to air or put a light in the den to disturb the mother skunk. She will just simply transfer her young to a new place when disturbed.

Signs of Charleston Skunks with Broods
You can tell that a skunk has broods when you see debris such as branches, sticks, and leaves gathered under your porch. This is the kind of nest that mother skunks prefer to build since the debris is conducive to the babies’ growth.

If you want to get rid of the babies, you might want to do it without the mother skunk around You might find them very aggressive and will spray you with their smelly liquid incessantly if they feel that you are a threat. When you suspect that a skunk is pregnant, you have to keep your distance from it. The reason is that they can use their teeth or nails in order to keep you away.

Skunks have babies under the porches which are close to a source of food. Your house might be close to a pond. The pond can be the feeding grounds of the mother skunk. You might want to block the entrances and the exits of your dens and porches so that skunks and other wild animals will not inhabit them. If you are in doubt about what to do, you can always consider calling a professional.

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